Welcome to Ivy

We are a multi-cultural global repair services organization driven by mutual respect, being best in class in our industry, and passionate about solving our clients' predicaments. Through this triangle of passion, service, and expertise, we are serving our customers consistently, swiftly, and efficiently. Our key staff is all long-term, committed team members who every day again passionately support our clients, both locally and globally.

We realize that every day, every project, we have the chance to impact a positive customer satisfaction of our clients’ clients, and we are committed to act accordingly. Our drive goes beyond the expected. We strive for perfection in every aspect of our service. We continuously improve and optimize our delivery to our clients' benefit in time and budget.

We believe in delivering an after-sales service ecosystem that, through our focus on the human element, will provide our clients with the best service, products, experience, and added value in this entire industry.

Ivy is All About:


Personal approach
Talent development
Knowledge retention


Strive for perfection


Global reach
Local impact


Improving ROI
Efficiency focused
Process optimization

Core Values


The core of Ivy is being sincere and authentic in our words and deeds. Our sincerity comes from our commitment to build trusting relationships through repeated positive encounters that will ultimately withstand even the toughest tests.


We are loyal and dedicated to the end. We are committed to doing right by our customers, our employees, and our stakeholders, even when the right thing is unpopular or hard. Our customers can count on us because we are partners through thick and thin.


We strive for flawlessness and set high performance standards. We hold ourselves and each other accountable, but strive to do so with grace and respect.


We are fiercely competitive, which feeds our burning desire to improve every day. Our heartfelt motives free us to live with intensity and spirit in our workplace, communities, and homes.


We are honest and trustworthy. We value diversity and treat ALL people with dignity and respect. We make every attempt, even some that are unexpected or go beyond the call of duty, to make a challenging situation right.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create value for our clients AND our clients' clients through the constant engagement of our key assets – our globally experienced team, innovative processes, strategic investments, and unswerving execution. By optimally utilizing these strengths, we will be the world’s leading electronics returns management and repair organisation.