Industries Served

Telecom &

Ivy provides a wide range of services to the Network Telecom Infrastructure industry. Our Telecom centers of excellence are designed with state-of-the-art tools and staffed with experienced experts to create solutions and deliver the superior quality parts and support to keep your network up and customers connected. We have over 40 years of experience serving our telecom customers.

Some products we specialize in are:

  • Core Routers
  • Switches – IP/Packet, TDM
  • Servers
  • RRH (Remote Radio Heads)/Base Stations
  • Optical Transmission
  • Electronic Components and Sub-assemblies

Consumer Electronics

The desire of any consumer electronic OEM is for every end-user to become an active ambassador for their brand and its products. Unfortunately, product failure, whether caused by a design-, or manufacturing challenge or by accidental customer damage, is a reality. When that reality strikes, you have a unique opportunity to turn a perceived negative into a potential positive. The distinct difference between creating a customer for life and a brand detractor is how your reverse supply chain is prepared to react to the customer needs.

Some of the product types Ivy helps create customers for life.

  • Laptops/Computers/Tablets
  • Flat Panel Displays
  • Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality
  • Mobile Phones/Connected Devices
  • LCD/LCM/Flat Panel Display
  • Electronic Component and Sub-assembly

Smart Energy

Whether you are an energy provider with narrow windows of planned service between peak seasons or a renewable energy OEM whose products are always on, unplanned downtime causes significant stress, additional costs, and unhappy customers. Getting the right parts to the right place fast to restore optimal grid performance and repairing defective parts to increase asset life and reduce the cost of maintenance is critical to keeping your customers happy. Ivy can help minimize unplanned downtime on aging stations by planning spares, reutilizing retired assets, supplying and repairing hard to find critical parts.

  • Solar
  • Charging Stations
  • Extended Life Services
  • Spare Parts Management & Distribution

Connected Devices

The number of connected devices is expected to grow from 3.5 per person in 2015 to 6.5 per person in 2020, with the total number of devices in the field to eclipse 50 billion devices by 2020. The crowdedness of the marketplace not only creates significant pressure to differentiate your product from the competition, but also demands you to optimize the way you are serving your customer. Immediate delivery, quick turnaround time, and reduced repeat failures are all key pieces to the service puzzle. As such, having a reliable product and a partner who understands how to service it properly is critical.

Ivy has the experience to help you prove that you are dedicated to your end-user’s optimal brand experience, in the areas of:

  • Smart Home Devices
  • Connected Healthcare and Wellness Devices
  • Connected Audio Devices
  • Automatic Speech Recognition

MedTech & Healthcare

Medical and healthcare products come with more stringent process controls and regulations, and Ivy has the experience, IT solutions, Quality Management Systems, and teams to complete the process with the precision and care you would expect from your own team. Ivy does not only have the FDA Registration and ISO13485 Certification needed to satisfy your internal quality requirements, but we also have 20 years of experience and reputation servicing medical and healthcare customers. From MDR management to IQ OQ PQ to strict calibration and training control, our QMS is seasoned and ready to support your business and help lower your service costs.

  • MDR Creations and Management
  • Decontamination Wipe and Deep Cleaning
  • Device Inspections, Repair, and Refurbishment
  • CTO, Kitting, and Shipping
  • Accessory Fulfillment
  • ECO Management


The landscape of the workplace is changing with robotics transforming businesses into 24/7, 365-day operations. If you’re a transforming business, taking the leap into your future without impacting your current operational capability requires knowledge, skill, and expert management. If you’re a robotic provider, readying your product for mass-market installation and ensuring effective maintenance, new tech roll out and tech support needs to be effective with a limited impact on your design team. Ivy’s dedicated robotics team with extensive experience with some of the world’s leading robotics companies will support you in your journey, offering end to end lifecycle services.

  • Robotics Infrastructure Installation, Configuration, and Validation
  • New Technology Rollout and Old Technology Decommission
  • Tech Support, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Design for Installation/maintenance Feedback
  • Spare Parts Management / Distribution