Sustainability Policy

Our business model is centered around eliminating any negative impact Ivy, or our customers have on the Earth or it’s atmosphere and promoting the positive impacts we make by our professional commitment to reuse, refurbish and repair all things electronic. Ivy maximizes an aggregate positive contribution to the global environment by providing repair and reuse of all ranges of electronic devices and components for our customers as follows:

  • Extending the life of our customers' assets through effective repair, refurbishment, and reuse.
  • Reducing landfill through effective asset recovery processes.
  • Reducing the energy and materials consumed in our process through effective and controlled diagnosis and repair processes
  • Reducing the wasted energy consumed by false failures in the field and the carbon footprint created by creating extra inventory needed to replace units.

Ivy is committed to conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We will take all commercially reasonable actions to reduce water and energy consumption, eliminate pollution from our processes, and comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Ivy is also committed to using our commercial leverage to ensure our suppliers are equally committed to sustainability.