Services Offered

ivy Technology
RMA Processing and Reconciliation
Ivy processes over 2.5 million returned devices each year, matching the RMA to the exact device upon receipt, to ensure every device in quickly processed and your customers get the turn-around time or credit they expect. We protect your customers and you, by ensuring the correct device is returned in acceptable condition and in the proper packaging.
ivy Technology
Multi-Channel Returns Processing
Whether your customer’s return is generated online, in a store or over the phone, or in Pennsylvania, Poland or Penang, Ivy has the knowledge, technology, processes, and team to retrieve, receive and adequately process every order.
ivy Technology
Medical Decontamination
Medical and Healthcare products come with more stringent process controls and regulations, and Ivy has the experience, IT solutions, Quality Management Systems, and teams to complete the process with the precision and care you would expect from your own team. From MDR creation to device contamination, we treat every device like it was our own.
ivy Technology
Automated Triage & Screening
In the world of high-tech reverse logistics, eliminating manned touch time reduces costs and improves process repeatability. Ivy has the engineering talent, experience, and lean culture to continuously redefine triage processes through test technology innovation and intelligent IT process minimization.
ivy Technology
L0-L4 Repair
(Firmware, Lite Cosmetic Refurbishment, Part Swap, MLB Repair (non-BGA), BGA)
Even the simplest software upgrade or cosmetic refurbishment needs to be performed with precision and quality. From capturing failure codes to part consumption to screw torque, there are hundreds to thousands of potential points of failure in a repair event. Ivy is a partner thriving in process automation and control, enabling the system to help drive proper activity and ensuring that our employees are completely prepared to deliver satisfaction to the end-user of every device we touch.
ivy Technology
Accessories Test & Refurbishment
In today’s connected world, the failure of an accessory can cause false failures and returns of devices in perfect working order. From power chargers to remotes and from cables to batteries, Ivy can validate and refurbish almost any accessory that goes with your device to reduce the cost of service and extend the cash flow you invested in inventory.
ivy Technology
Pick, Pack & Ship
In today’s economy, your customer expects quick delivery and full visibility, tracking every step of the process. Getting the order right and shipping it on time has become table stakes. Ivy has the technology, processes, and team to pick, kit, and ship any order within the defined shipping window. Same-day shipment - no problem! Consolidating shipments - No problem! Extended cut-off - NO PROBLEM!
LCD Polishing, Delamination, Repair & Refurbishment
Material cost is often one of the heaviest costs of a repair event. Ivy will rise to the challenge of refurbishing and repairing even the most technical parts in order to reduce the overall cost of repair for you and your customers. We use the most innovative techniques and test equipment to ensure the highest quality component repair.
ivy Technology
Test Engineering & Automation
Whether you have an existing test solution that you want a new view of, or you want to completely outsource the service and test development for your new device, so you can concentrate on improving market share, Ivy has the expertise and technology to be the best partner for you. Through partnership and open collaboration with our customers, Ivy’s engineers are always seeking better ways to test devices to minimize touch time, improve the quality of results, and provide the best information to help you improve your product design and performance.
ivy Technology
Plastics Bonding, Polishing, and Painting
Getting a returned device back into top shape to be put back in the hands of a trusting customer will create valuable ROI for your company by extending the life of the asset or recovering the investment of the assets. Ivy’s asset recovery uses creative and innovative ways to return the device to the optimal physical condition while using efficient cosmetic refurbishment processes to minimize the material required to do so.
ivy Technology
Extended Life & Product Life cycle Management
Ivy is a premier telecom service and equipment provider globally, investing heavily in our capability to service networks and devices long after the prior or current OEM stops supporting the device. Ivy can help minimize network downtime on aging networks by planning spares, reutilizing retired assets, supplying and repairing hard to find critical parts, and providing remote and on-site technical support and preventive maintenance.
ivy Technology
Control Tower/Reverse Logistics Ecosystem Management
Cradle-to-grave vision of reverse logistics is the dream of every executive responsible for the service of a brand, product, or network. Ivy’s control tower enables our customers to see stocking levels throughout the network locations, WIP levels at all depots globally, and turn-around time for critical repair and deployment activities. Though intelligent IT design and processes, Ivy will keep you informed in the medium you require (dashboards, reports, and critical alerts) to keep you in control of the network.
ivy Technology
Forward Stocking Location (FSL) Management
When the availability of a spare becomes so critical that the distribution has to be near real-time, the need for precise FLS management becomes invaluable. Ivy has the team, experience, and technology to manage your FSL network to minimize the capital requirement for inventory while simultaneously maximizing the fill rate of critical orders to keep your customers happy.
ivy Technology
The Ivy team excels in protecting and managing your physical assets. From the most stringent security or environmental requirements to best in class inventory control processes, we have the experience, processes, and technology to ensure your assets are ready to use when you need them.
ivy Technology
Procurement & Logistics Management
Outsourcing a service operation to a partner often means also entrusting that same partner to manage the supply chain for that operation. Ivy has a global team of supply chain professionals who utilize well-honed tools and technology to overcome the challenges of parts planning, procurement, and logistics every day.
ivy Technology
Robotics installation, assembly, new technology replacement, and repair
If you’re a robotic provider, readying your product for mass-market installation and ensuring effective maintenance, new tech roll out and tech support needs to be effective with a limited impact on your design team. Ivy’s dedicated robotics team with extensive experience with some of the world’s leading robotics companies will support you in your journey, offering end to end lifecycle services.