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A leading global electronics repair and service provider to many of the world's largest tech, med-tech, and telecom companies around the world, providing their customers with the best possible service and products resulting in the optimal brand and product experiences.

Supply Chain consultation

Ivy Technology helps many mid-sized companies improve supply chain from both an efficiency as well as environmental perspective. Approaching companies like Ivy Technology creates expectations and/or hiring consultancy companies is often a costly and tedious process.

We use a simple questionnaire that provides insight into common issues that we have seen many times. The process is simple , it’s free and works as follows:

Register and you will receive:

Info on Ivy Tech so you understand who we are and whether you find us qualifying enough to support your company
A questionnaire based on 35 years of experience for you to fill in.
Within 2 weeks Ivy tech will approach you to set up a 1 hour virtual meeting to discuss the questionnaire and give you our advise.
No strings attached