Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Ivy

2024-02-01 05:27

At Ivy Technology, our commitment to promoting breast cancer awareness is a source of great pride. Throughout this month, we collaborate with our colleagues to implement a diverse range of initiatives designed to raise awareness.

On October 6th, we celebrated Pink Day at all our sites, where October commenced with a vivid display of pink. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to our remarkable employees who have not only shown unwavering courage in their battle against cancer but have also facilitated open dialogues and extended their support to others.

This month has been dedicated to dispelling doubts, addressing pressing questions, offering support, and sharing valuable advice across our global organisation. Coventry embraced the pink theme, hosting a delightful pink tea party adorned with pink-themed treats and decorations. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, donation boxes were thoughtfully placed to encourage voluntary cash contributions from employees, aimed at assisting individuals and families affected by breast cancer. They also undertook the sale of pink apples and pink baked goods, with the proceeds earmarked to support a colleague's family member who had bravely confronted a breast cancer diagnosis.

Not to be outdone, the Toronto location actively engaged in raising awareness, fundraising, donning pink attire, and standing in solidarity with the pink ribbon cause.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a global movement, and the impact it has at the local level is profoundly influenced by the efforts of organizations like Ivy Technology. Our message is simple yet profoundly influential: prioritize your health and the well-being of your loved ones.

We couldn't be prouder of the collective endeavours of all our teams in making this event an overwhelming success. Your dedication and commitment to this vital cause are truly commendable.