Reverse Logistics, Repair and Refurbishment

Ivy's Reverse Logistics and Repair services offer world-class service with a white-glove touch. Our extensive global footprint manages customer inventory on consignment across multiple geographies. Find out why Ivy Technology is the trusted repair partner of blue-chip tech companies around the world.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

We protect you and your customers by ensuring that the correct device is returned in acceptable condition. Our network facilitates over 2.5 million device returns each year, each matching the RMA to the exact device upon receipt.

Multi-Channel Returns

Whether your customer’s return is generated online, in a store, or over the phone – Ivy has the knowledge, technology, processes, and teams to retrieve, receive, and adequately process every order.

Medical Decontamination

From MDR creation to device contamination, we treat every device we encounter like our own. We understand the stringent process controls and regulations of the industry and come prepared with experience, IT solutions, quality management systems, and expert teams to get the job done right.

Automated Triage & Screening

In high-tech reverse logistics, eliminating human touch time reduces costs and improves process repeatability. Ivy has the engineering talent, experience, and lean culture to deliver triage processes effectively.

L0-L4 Repair

From firmware and light cosmetic refurbishment to part swaps and BGA MLB repairs, Ivy's got you covered. We know that every repair, from a software upgrade to a cosmetic refurbishment must be met with precision and quality, especially when considering the hundreds of potential failure points in a repair event. Our process automation and control enable us to drive proper activity and deliver satisfaction for all your devices.

Accessories Test & Refurbishment

Accessory connectivity is a beautiful thing – yet in the same breath, one accessory flop can cause false total device failures, resulting in unnecessary returns. From assessing power chargers and remotes, to cables and batteries, Ivy can validate and refurbish almost any accessory that goes with your device to reduce service costs and extend cash flow.

LCD Polishing, Delamination, Repair & Refurbishment

Material costs add up and are frequently the highest expenses during a repair event. Refurbishing and repairing technical parts dramatically reduces overall repair costs for you and your customers. At Ivy, our innovative techniques and test equipment consistently offer the industry's highest repair success rates for even the most technical parts.

Plastics Bonding, Polishing, & Painting

You have the power to create robust returns on investment for your company simply by getting a returned device into top shape and back in the hands of a trusting customer. Finding creative and innovative ways to extend your asset lifespan and recover your investments is what we do best. You can trust Ivy to return devices to optimal physical condition with our efficient cosmetic refurbishment processes.