World Cancer Day

Ivy Technology joined the World Cancer Day initiative on February 4th, 2024. We're proud of our team for their enthusiastic participation, aligning with the Union for International Cancer Control's (UICC) 2024 "Close the Gap" campaign. This global effort calls on governments to promote health equity and improve access to cancer services, with the goal of reducing disparities in cancer incidence and mortality. This cause holds a special place in our hearts because we understand the profound impact cancer has on individuals and families around the globe.

Our employees, including those from Ireland and other locations, came together to support this cause, not only by adding their signatures but also through donations to aid the UICC's mission. Our Suzhou colleagues made a meaningful gesture by writing the Chinese character "Fu" on red paper, which symbolizes health, happiness, peace, and fortune. Red is a significant color in Chinese culture, and this way they expressed their support and wishes for those affected by cancer. This act of solidarity symbolizes our collective hope for increased awareness and support for cancer patients.


On International Men's Day in November 2023, Ivy Technology proudly celebrated the invaluable contributions of men worldwide and within our own team. We recognize the importance of men's health and we are committed to support the well-being of our male colleagues.

Acknowledging the unique health challenges faced by men, our company actively endorses initiatives that promote proactive health management. Our health programs, awareness campaigns, and inclusive policies demonstrate our gratitude for the diverse and dynamic men who contribute to making Ivy Technology the remarkable entity it is. All of our sites actively participated in the Movember movement, dedicated to raising awareness about men's health issues, including prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health and suicide prevention. We organized a variety of activities, including lectures, informational programs, and workshops, and distributed awareness materials among our colleagues. We also introduced the 'Grow a Moustache' challenge, and a lot of our colleagues participated, including our CEO, Scott Greer.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved in this important initiative, and we extend our thanks to our male colleagues for their resilience, hard work, and dedication.

A Night On the Street for Awareness and Aid

In a remarkable display of community service, Dave Greaney, Ivy Technology's Director of Digital Transformation, has actively engaged in a commendable fundraising initiative to support homeless services in Galway on December 1st, 2023. The initiative was established in 2012, and it brings together influential figures from the business community every year to directly address the challenges faced by the homeless during harsh winter nights. The homelessness crisis was worsening in Galway in 2023, so there was an increased emphasis on intensifying efforts.

This initiative was organized by COPE Galway, and Dave together with fellow business leaders, owners, executives, and directors endured a winter’s night on Shop Street to raise awareness and funds for the escalating homelessness crisis in the city.

Dave has set an ambitious fundraising target of €3000, and we are thrilled to share Dave's remarkable success - not only did he reach his goal, but he surpassed it. We are proud of our colleague's dedication and the positive impact he has made. The funds raised directly contribute to COPE Galway's initiatives in providing enhanced support and programs for those affected by homelessness.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported our fundraising efforts for our colleague's participation in the COPE charity program in Ireland, aiding the homeless.

Festival of Colour in Poland

In autumn 2023, our team in Poland held their annual employee picnic with a Festival of Colour theme, turning an ordinary day into a spectacular celebration of joy and unity. Over 300 team members attended, and the event bloomed into a vibrant fusion of flavors, games, music, and dance thanks to them.

On this extraordinary day, we celebrated togetherness and connection, reminding us that life at Ivy Technology is not only about projects and deadlines, but our company revolves around community, vibrancy, and shared experiences.

Children’s Day in Brazil

October 12th is celebrated as Children’s Day in Brazil, so we gifted our employees cinema tickets not just for themselves, but for their entire families, complete with popcorn and soft drinks to mark this special occasion in 2023.

We recognize the immense significance of children and families in our lives. At Ivy, we prioritize shared experiences and community bonding, fostering a strong sense of teamwork, not only in the workplace but in all facets of life. Let's cherish the moments spent with our children and appreciate the values they bring into our lives!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ivy Technology supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2023. Our teams across the globe joined forces and planned a variety of activities throughout the month, aimed at making a significant difference, raising awareness, and showing our solidarity for this crucial cause. We dedicated this month to dispelling doubts, addressing pressing questions, offering support, and sharing valuable advice across our global organization.

We celebrated Pink Day at all our sites on October 6th with pink decorations and clothes, and initiating open dialogues about the topic. We would like to express our gratitude to our remarkable employees who showed unwavering courage in their battle against cancer and extended their support to others.

Ivy Coventry hosted a delightful pink tea party, complete with pink-themed treats and decoration. In Malaysia, donation boxes were set up to encourage voluntary cash contributions from employees, aimed at aiding those affected by breast cancer. Additionally, pink apples and baked goods were sold, with the aim of supporting a colleague's family member facing a breast cancer diagnosis. Ivy Toronto participated in raising awareness, fundraising, and dressing in pink to stand in solidarity with the pink ribbon cause.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a global movement, and organizations like Ivy Technology play a vital role in its local impact. Our message is simple but important: prioritize health and well-being of loved ones.

Car-Free World Day

Our colleagues in Europe and Asia took part in the Car-Free World Day in 2023 by using eco-friendly modes of transportation like bicycles, and promoting a message of responsible commuting. This is a small yet significant step towards environmental protection.

We would like to thank our employees for their support and participation in Car-Free World Day, demonstrating that transportation choices matter. Their actions highlight the benefits of sustainable urban mobility, emphasizing environmental consciousness and community well-being.

International Day of Charity on September 5, 2023 in Bydgoszcz

Good relations with the community and activities to support those most in need have become a permanent part of Ivy's calendar in Bydgoszcz.

Supporting orphanages, participating in charity events, volunteering, collecting for a single mother's home, providing Christmas gifts for families in need, and organizing blood drives are just some of the activities we undertake every year.

We believe that companies have an obligation to make a lasting positive impact on society and the environment. Our CSR initiatives are based on our core values, and our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the communities where we operate.

On September 5th, we celebrated World Charity Day at Ivy. To mark the occasion, we donated school supplies collected by our employees in August to children who are less well-off in Bydgoszcz and the surrounding area who have just started the school year.

CSR Project - World Environmental & Sustainability: "Plant a Tree"

Ivy Technology Penang’s management and staff, along with our Dell client, shared a wonderful experience together at our Plant a Tree and Sweating Exercise event held at the Care Home Residence. Our activities included planting 12 Bucida green trees donated by Ivy Penang. Ivy also served breakfast and celebrated with a cake cutting ceremony. We were delighted to see the cheerful, grateful, and joyful faces from the Residents at Rumah Charis Pulau Betong Balik Pulau, Penang.

Ivy Technology's Commitment to Meaningful Global Impact

Ivy Technology remains committed to its promise of collaborating with local foundations to strengthen community bonds and make a meaningful global impact.

In the first event of this series, we provided support to the Caritas Szombathely summer camp. For the 28th consecutive year, Caritas of Szombathely organized a summer camp at Narda, involving nearly 1200 primary school students who participated in a variety of engaging activities over an 8 week period.

We promptly addressed their need for new outdoor sports equipment for this year's camp by purchasing and delivering a brand-new basketball backboard. The positive feedback from the camp’s participants and heartwarming pictures indicate that our involvement has indeed made a positive difference and brought a great deal of happiness to the participants.

We take immense pride in being part of Caritas Szombathely's summer camp journey and look forward to further collaborations with local foundations around the globe. Our aim is to build stronger community connections and create more meaningful impacts in the future.

Stay tuned for updates on our ongoing efforts to support important causes!

World Humanitarian Day, 19 August 2023

Ivy Technology is extremely proud of its work in extending product lifespans through repair services, which, in turn helps to enhance the circular economy's production and consumption model. Similarly, we are proud of the humanitarian groups that contribute to the advancement of the modern world's sustainability.

This event offers a chance to highlight the different ways that people can contribute. Every action makes the world a better place, whether it is through personal involvement, volunteering, giving away personal possessions, or simply committing random acts of kindness toward strangers.

Ivy's Team Members are committed to supporting humanitarian efforts wherever possible and have recently participated in the following initiatives in support of World Humanitarian Day.

Food drives for local food banks were arranged at our US sites.

Whilst donations were gathered in Bydgoszcz for a school that offers specialized instruction to youngsters with chronic illnesses. Additionally, "School-starter-kit" kits were provided to the city's most needy families in association with the Polish Red Cross.

A "Clean Your Closet and Furniture Donation Drive" was launched in Penang (Malaysia) in support of Rumah Charis Relau.

The Sick Kids Hospital is receiving assistance from our Canadian location in Toronto. Once again, we are delighted to support Katolikus Karitász in Hungary.

We encourage you to participate in our celebration of World Humanitarian Day by. Let's collectively enhance the spirit of generosity and kindness!

Successful Kid's Day Event at Ivy Suzhou

Ivy Suzhou recently organized a successful Kid's Day Event, where employee's children enjoyed a day camp on the company premises. To make the day both enjoyable and educational, a variety of activities were planned. The children used art to promote environmental awareness. Prior to this, we engaged the children in interactive discussions, videos, and age-appropriate explanations of various environmental challenges such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, and waste management.

The kids all actively participated in the discussion. The activity provided a platform for children to express their thoughts and ideas visually. Moreover, this event provided an opportunity for family engagement, as parents actively supported and encouraged their children's throughout the activity.

In addition to the drawing activity, we also had game times, a talent show and enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch together.

By successfully organizing the Kid's Day Event - a day camp for employee's children on our company premises - Ivy Suzhou demonstrated our commitment to fostering a family-friendly work environment. We look forward to more events in the future.