Dave Greaney – Fundraising Initiative

2024-02-01 05:29

Dave Greaney, Director of Digital Transformation at Ivy Technology, recently took part in a significant fundraising initiative to support homeless services in Galway, Ireland. Organized by COPE Galway, this initiative involved Dave spending a night on the streets to raise awareness about the growing homelessness crisis. Additionally, Dave initiated a charity campaign on the organization's website to collect funds for homeless individuals.

Ivy Technology wholeheartedly backed Dave's efforts and reached out to the public to endorse Dave and the COPE charity organization in Ireland.

We are thrilled to announce Dave's remarkable success - he not only met his initial fundraising goal but exceeded it. Dave's unwavering dedication and the positive impact he has made fill us with pride. Dave's participation in this initiative, alongside other leaders, underscores Ivy Technology's commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. The company provided full support for Dave's endeavors.

In conclusion, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to our fundraising campaign. Your generosity is deeply appreciated!