Extending Monitor Lifecycles and Embracing Circular Packaging for a Greener Future

2023-08-08 13:38


The estimated carbon footprint for a Monitor through its lifecycle is 488kg CO2e. By prolonging the lifespan by two years reduces it carbon footprint by 80% as greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing can be avoided and lowered. In 2022 Ivy supported the HP Renew Program by extending the product lifecycles of 16,925 Monitors through repair and that process alone prevented 4,228 tons of CO2 emissions being generated.

Reusing packaging can also play an important role in reducing the environmental impact of supply chains by offering extended life and a truly circular model. Reusing packaging reduces the environmental impact of supply chains in a variety of ways:

Lower CO2 Emissions

The estimated carbon footprint for a single use corrugated box, similar in size to one used for HP Monitors, is 4.88kg CO2e over its lifecycle. If re-used just once, 82.59 tons of CO2 emissions will be avoided.

Lower Water and Energy Consumption

Manufacturing a single cardboard box equivalent in size takes an estimated average of about 20 liters of water and 4 kWh of energy. One time re-use of Monitor packaging based on 2022 volumes would save 338,500 liters of Water and 67,700 kWh of Energy.