International Youth Day

2023-08-12 13:36

On this important day, we're shining a light on the crucial role, rights, and challenges that young people face in society.

At Ivy Technology, we fully understand the importance of supporting the younger generation and actively contributing to their future. As part of our focus for CSR for the month of August, our team has been actively engaged in coordinating a series of events aimed at offering support to the youth in our community.

In Louisville, USA, our team collaborated with the Family Resource and Youth Service Center of Jeffersontown Elementary School and Jeffersontown High School to facilitate their transition into the academic year. Our efforts have been dedicated to empowering students, highlighting their educational achievements, and fostering their well-being.

In Szombathely, Hungary, we organised a three-week summer camp for the children of Ivy employees for 11 weeks, this is the 4th consecutive year that Ivy has hosted this event. Additionally, our site in Hungary lent support to a local NGO by furnishing sports equipment, enabling children to partake in athletic pursuits during their leisure hours.

 In Suzhou, China, our commitment to a family-oriented work environment prompted us to organize a Kids' Day Event. During this event, the young family members of our staff engaged in interactive discussions and tutorials regarding sustainability, viewed videos which provided them with insights into environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, deforestation, and waste management.

In Penang, Malaysia, our colleagues donated around 1,000 pieces of reusable clothing and furniture to the "Rumah Cherish Relau" Orphanage. Sharing the elation, joy, and radiant smiles on the faces of less privileged children profoundly moved us. We acknowledge the importance of extending support to those in need, including disadvantaged individuals, families, and children who require essential clothing items.

At Ivy Technology, we firmly hold the belief that our investment in nurturing and empowering the younger generation today will pave the path towards a more sustainable future. We recognize that the ambitions, creativity, and forward-thinking youthful minds play a pivotal role in propelling technological progress and shaping the world of tomorrow.