Ivy Technology Hungary Donated Personal Computers and Equipment for Education

2021-09-17 11:41

The Ivy Technology Szombathely location had the opportunity to visit a locally recognized secondary school in Hungary. The Nagy Lajos Secondary School was happy to receive IT support for personal computers and computer equipment for educational purposes.

The technology supports the further development of a student future that is forward-thinking, globally-connected, and locally supported.

Zsuzsanna Zsolnai Gáspárné, the director of the institution, highlighted the practical benefits by saying:

“The equipment provided by Ivy supports the organizational tasks of the school’s daily life… It creates an opportunity to differentiate and discover the differences between students within the classroom, which in turn helps the students excel.”

Ivy Technology is honored to support the education of individuals at the Nagy Lajos Secondary School and hopes this collaboration will bring prosperity to the institution and its students.